About our rides:

  • It's all about networking on the bike with like minded individuals; spending time on the bike connecting with people.

  • It's not a race, no one gets left behind, and you won't "ruin the ride" if you are slow!

  • Each event has a fully mapped circular route which means there is always a short cut home if you need.

  • We have a supporting vehicle which follows the riders and stops regularly for refreshments, mechanicals or to drop off kit.

  • We do cafe stops, we do impromptu stops, we take photos.

  • Most of all we have great fun!

  • Upon arrival you will be greeted by the Tullio Team, breakfast will be available, coffee from Grand Tour Coffee Company, and nutrition from Secret Training.

  • After the ride, we'll then chat, drink and eat, as an extra chance to 'network' when not in the saddle.


If you are worried about it, give contact us and we'll answer any questions you have.

Events we like to put on


Ride Outs

Our core networking rides for members (and guests), organised by Tullio across the UK.