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You wouldn’t accept pods in a cafe, so why settle for pods at home? Especially when you can get a Rocket Espresso machine, grinder and 1kg of beans for the same price as pods...

Fuel Club is the brainchild of top former British pro Russ Downing and serial entrepreneur Tim Hammond.


Cyclists LOVE their coffee, but it has to be GOOD coffee! It's part and parcel of any ride or pre ride ritual. It even helps with performance. 


How about freshly ground and made from the comfort of your own office or kitchen, and barista quality?


Then look no further than Fuel Club. 

Tullio is proud to offer our members the first month for free (worth up to £125!) when you sign up for a Fuel Club subscription.

EZ LOGOS-09.png

Endurance Zone’s mission has always been to reward people for being active. EZ’s core product, Endurance Zone Rewards, is built on that principle.


A revolutionary platform that enables organisations to reward their own customers, with sports, fitness and health rewards, powering them with new ways to engage.


Quickly become the largest sports reward platform in the world and a leading engagement & data platform for the sports & fitness sector.

Tullio is proud to offer our members the EZ rewards platform, giving Bronze, Silver and Gold members access to hundreds of discounts across sport, leisure and recreation.



Win Your Dream Bike is the UK’s premium bike prize competition. The brand is built on fun, engagement and giving people an opportunity to own their dream bike.


With over £400,000 worth of prizes won so far and £40,000 donated to their charity partners, WYDB’s mission is to get more people on bikes…. And if that so happens to be a dream bike, well that’s just great!


And the best part about it? You can enter the draws for as little as £1.95!

Tullio members enjoy a 15% discount on WYDB draw entries via the Rewards platform. We will also be proudly supporting their 'winners ride'!


We are huge fans of See.Sense!

They create cycling technology products that make cycling safer, and that engage our community to share powerful data insights to improve conditions for cycling.


See.Sense recognise that cycling is one of the most sustainable modes of transport, yet it needs to be safer, more convenient and more enjoyable for everyone. 

At See.Sense they’re working to enhance these areas so that cycling becomes the most appealing way to travel. 

As a Member not only will be able to access an exclusive Tullio discount of 20%, but you will also receive a monthly Tullio report on total miles ridden and CO2 saved by our members delivered through our newsletter.


We see loads of potential with See.Sense technology in so many ways and look forward to finding new ways to collaborate!

See.Sense BEAM 5.jpg
Secret Training HM_edited_edited.jpg

When looking for a high end nutrition partner, we couldn't really see past Secret Training and their STEALTH energy range.


You will equally hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable and passionate about sports nutrition than founder Tim Lawson. European Champion Track Cyclist and elite masters athlete Tim has well over twenty years’ experience in developing the best sports nutrition products, working with athletes from beginners, right up to Olympic medalists and Pro Tour winners.


Tim's goal is to create a better range of sports nutrition products that gives athletes exactly what they want. No gimmicks and no over the top marketing.


Just the best products with the best ingredients, favoured by some of the world’s best teams and riders. With Secret Training by our side supporting events, you can be confident that you’ll have the best nutrition available to help push your limits.

Tullio Members benefit from a 30% discount with Secret Training, whilst the nutrition products are also provided at our events

Logo Updated PNG.png

We are proud to partner with (@cyclingbottles)...

Bringing fresh ideas to your bidons!

Sick of boring, plain bottles and want something a bit more fun and funky to grace your bottle cages? Then look no further. 

With designs such as 'Sticky Bottle', 'All Weather Cyclist' and 'Pain Cave', there really is something for everyone, with more designs on the way. 

Perfect in pairs and also perfect as a gift for your cycling buddies.


As a member you will have access to a 15% discount on all products.

Kalas Kit_edited.jpg

Kalas, born 25 years ago out of a passion for cycling, are characterised as being top quality at a fair price. They are still a family owned business, and when we engaged with the team they feel like they are part of our team. 

We have been super impressed with their products; the Razor jersey blew us away, and the pads on the shorts are world class.


We're not the only ones to think so, as British Cycling, Alpecin Fenix, and the 6-day Series all agree.


We are delighted to be able to offer a fabulous Tullio CC cycling kit and extended product options. Members will also receive a 15% discount on the wider Kalas range!

VV - Grand Tour - Logo Master v1 XLpdf.p

What is cycling without coffee, and what is coffee without cycling? 

Grand Tour Coffee Co. bring specialty coffee together with cycling at its highest level. Grand Tour Coffee Co was founded to provide cyclists, cycling fans and Pro-Cyclists with premium quality coffee that befits our sports ethos of hard work and the want to be the best.

At Tullio, we loved the story behind the brand, we love the product and we think the ethos behind the business is fantastic. 

Members will receive a 10% discount and unique Tullio offers, whilst Grand Tour Coffee will also be served at Tullio rides and events.

GTCC HM_edited.jpg
IMG_0407 2.jpg

We know how hard riding a bike can be on your body which is why we are delighted to partner with Veloskin.


"Whether you ride 30 or 300 miles a week, it’s imperative to prioritise skincare. Looking after your skin will enable you to push harder, perform better, and ride in comfort for longer" 


They are bike riders like us. Their products were born out of the frustration with options that couldn’t stand up to the rigours of riding for hours at a time, multiple times a week.

“The end result is a skincare range strong enough to cope with whatever is thrown your way, but gentle enough to be used every day.”


We particularly love the fact they are proud to only use natural ingredients in their products and even prouder to say that nothing they sell is tested on animals. All but one of their products are vegan – and they’re currently working on that one too!

Tullio Members benefit from a 10% discount with VeloSkin, whilst products/samples may also be offered as part of selected Tullio events.


Pelotan is high-performance sun protection designed specifically to improve performance, maximise comfort and allow athletes around the world to avoid costly sunburn. Made by athletes, for athletes. And predominantly cyclists!

As cyclists we don't want to have to worry about sunburn. We also don't really want to be carrying around suncream all the time. How about yellow stains on our lovely jerseys or suncream in our eyes from sweat? No thanks! 

Pelotan alleviates all of these problems to an unbelievable degree. Apply it once for 8 hours of protection at 30 SPF. It's clear so it won't stain. It's also sweat and water resistant, hence the reason you shouldn't need to re-apply. It's also non-greasy and takes hardly any rubbing in. Did we mention is smells great too?

You really need to try this stuff to see how good it really is! Tried and tested even on our fair skinned Dom R-P in hot and sunny Majorca.

Members enjoy a 20% discount across the Pelotan range.


There’s nothing more frustrating than missing time on your bike due to illness, injury or because you’ve just not fully recovered from your last ride out!   


These were all issues experienced by Will Larkin (friend of Tullio CC and Founder of VitxCycle) and the reasons behind why he created VitxCycle. “I was fed up with missing rides because of illness and odd niggles along with my muscles being stiff the day after a ride. I thought there must be something I can do to support my body in looking after itself.  Turned out there was, the answer was adding supplements to my diet.” You can read Will’s story in full here.


VitxCycle is a daily vitamin, mineral & supplement complex designed to help cyclists maintain a healthy body, support their post exercise recovery and help keep them on their bike by reducing the risk of missed ride-outs.


Used by cyclist of all levels, from the daily commuter all the way to Olympic and World Cycling medallists (read their testimonials here), VitxCycle helps you look after your engine.


Tullio CC members get a 10% discount on their VitxCycle subscription.


Wherever your bike takes you, happy cycling.

100 climbs.png

Simon Warren inspired the 2021 Tullio Lockdown Challenge, where riders were asked to plan and ride routes of up to 100kms. Rdiers were aiming to get as many (or as few) metres elevation in as they could, with bonus points for riding any of Simon's National and Regional Climbs. 

Simon has a passion for bikes and it shows in his 12 books, up and down the country rating our favourite climbs. He joined us for one of our Virtual Q&As and told us all about his love for gradients. A man who's name is synonymous with both pain and pleasure across the cycling community.

A friend of Tullio and keen to get involved in the next challenge... especially if it involves going uphill!

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