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About us

Tullio CC, as a concept to unite people with shared passion and drive, had been in discussion for sometime when the Covid19 pandemic struck in spring of 2020.

Suddenly the moment was upon us to make it real as we saw great ideas for a better way of living finally begin to galvanise - we wanted to make sure that those movements gained and kept momentum as societies moved out of ‘lockdown’.

Covid-19 was being heralded as an awakening in the public consciousness, the dawning of a genuine realisation that humans needed to redress their relationships with each other and their environment.


By bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to learn, share and experience the spirit of cycling, as a community, Tullio CC hopes to help connect special people to achieve special things. A better life balance, a better environment, better business practice and a better world

What We Do


Bring together like minded individuals for the best riding experiences


Strengthen, deepen and broaden your personal and business network


Share your experiences and find new opportunities


Take advantage of the perks and benefits brought to Tullio CC through our partners and sponsors


Build momentum behind ideas or causes that have the potential to change the world

Our Core Values

Ride and lead with empathy

aware and considerate to the needs and thoughts of your fellow members, community and causes

Inspire each other

bringing the best of ourselves to every ride, event, and endeavour

Challenge your limits

both on and off the bike, innovate and disrupt beyond the limits

Nurture Trust

through everything we do, we build loyalties and friendships that transcend the bike and business

Reject inequality

stepping up to challenge social, gender and economic inequalities

Unwritten rules...

As the Tullio collective, we all abide by the following:

1) No one person is bigger than the club - no egos please.


2) Exclusive yet inclusive - ANY business leader can join.


3) No one gets left behind - every rider is looked after.


4) No party politics - let’s not cause an argument.

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