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Welcome to Tullio

“Cycling is the new golf!” That’s what people were beginning to say 5-10 years ago. Fast forward to now, and it’s more true than ever.

Whilst cycling continued to grow steadily for many reasons (including environmental), the pandemic sent this trend into overdrive. With bikes, indoor trainers and cycling kit almost impossible to get hold of during lockdown due to sheer demand.

As cycling boomed and people longed for social interaction, two cycling fanatics from the business world got together to create something new; Tullio CC. Tullio is a networking and events organisation focusing on on-bike, off-bike and virtual events for business leaders and senior professionals. With regular Ride-Outs, Zwift rides, guest Q&As and even things like wine tasting, there really is something for everyone. Well, everyone who cycles! There will also be larger scale challenge events where money is raised for selected charities and funding of cycling based projects.

Business leaders and senior professionals can subscribe to one of Tullio’s two initial offerings; Ride or VIP. With the latter bringing with it free Ride-Out events, cycling insurance, partnered brand offers and exclusive kit and apparel.

Business decisions used to be done on the golf course. Now they’re done in the saddle. But Tullio is way more than just business networking on the bike. Come and meet friends for life whilst enjoying amazing experiences and even getting to ride and chat with famous faces from the cycling world.

The name Tullio comes from the Italian word Tullius, which means “the one who leads..”. It also happened to be the great entrepreneur and cycling evangelist Campagnolo’s first name.

Ride. Lead. Connect.

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