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I am a 60 year old Cyclist who started late.(50)

My Cycling journey has lead me on many Century Rides including a couple over 200 miles. I tend to ride solo now, but have done a few sportive when I first started including L'Eroica 3 times and Eroica Britannia. .... I think ive got a total of 8 bikes now !

I race HILL CLIMBS for my Sponsor TrueSapien, who is a fantastic Running Apparel brand who I managed to talk into supporting me after I told him that I 'guaranteed that I would never win anything' :-) ... that said ... I always give 100% on my 4.85kg Hill Climb special. I hate long Hills ... but can tackle anything for 1 min 30 seconds !!

Ive organised Races and Cycling events including the famous Tickhill Grand Prix and raced evening league myself, and my latest journey is following the war time footsteps of my late father, who was in the very first plane to drop on D-Day. My 1800 mile solo trip starts on 5th June.



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